About SFMedic

I am greatly concerned about the steady erosion of the America I was born into and the polarization of society. I used to think liberals were a healthy balance to our culture and now I see what they have done to America and other cultures throughout the world. I fear we are at the doorstep of another civil war and it will be a repeat of the Weimar Republic where conservative Christian capitalist battled Socialist unionist through the streets of Germany for years.


3 thoughts on “About SFMedic”

  1. We’ve been taught that all ideas are equally valid, which is not the case.

    Updated my link, welcome to wordpress!

  2. “sfmedics ~ This WordPress.com site is the bee’s knees”

    Speaking of bees, any luck?


    • Yes, I IDed the problem as African small hive beetles, installed a Freeman beetle trap and the problem appears solved. Lots of dead beetles and colony growing. Getting fiesty too, went out yesterday to dust them with powdered sugar (to keep mites off them), didn’t think I would need veil and gloves. They took one look at me when I opened the hive and said, ” Oh Noooooo, you ain’t gonna mess with us today.”

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