I want to recommend a book to read that I received as a Christmas gift from my sister-in-law. The above title was written by John J. Newkirk about his father who at the age of 19 took his 1930 Harley Davidson on a cross country ride to see both World Fairs in NY and San Francisco in 1939. It is much more than a true story about an epic motorcycle ride. It is about the people he met along the way, the good men and women of America who struggle and his own personal battle in fighting the evils of life. It is about his name-sake uncle Jack Newkirk who served as a P40 fighter squadron leader until he was killed in Burma during WW2. It is about Crotalus Horridus a rather large eastern rattlesnake his uncle killed before the war and this serves as a metaphor for evil throughout the book. If you like motorcycles, airplanes, WW2, American history or just reading about the vanishing breed known as “The Greatest Generation” you will enjoy reading this book.http://www.theoldmanandtheharley.com/