Anyone been reading TL Davis, Max Velocity or John Mosby lately ? These are men I consider true stalwart patriots of the US and have been writing lately about the meaning of the term “Rightful Liberty” in a way
that most can understand according to the meanings used by the founders of these United States. Interestingly
some of their reply comments are from individuals I think the founders would have shot on sight as scalawags, highway-men and anarchist. Individuals who seem more interested in their own self-promotion and aggrandizement than helping to restore rightful liberty. I just hope more people will read and heed the true patriots among us and stop throwing their hat in the ring with those I consider to be trolls, agent provocateurs and idiots.
Read some of TL, John and Max’s writings here;
Each of these men would be welcome in my AO anytime. I can’t say the same for many of the bloggers who rattle on about being THE three percent, patriots or whatever name they give themselves this week. Here is an example of one egregious anarchist/libertarian. After reading his drivel you will wonder how he dares to call himself an American much less a liberty seeker.