h/t WinterPatriot

We in the “West” are being shown the most valuable of lessons if we but have eyes to see it. But Obama and the psychopathic bankers who own him won’t back away quietly. They are still firmly in the grip of their delusion of power over reality and are driven by their compulsions. The common saying, “there is no rest for the wicked” is very true. Any addict is a slave. And these particular slaves have given over their free will and with it the chance to back away. So they will continue to ‘fall forward’ lurching from one disaster to the next impelled by their nature and never learning; sinking deeper into the quicksand with each new twist and turn. Putin is way ahead of the game here and is giving the psychopaths room to fall forward. Like the master martial artist that he is, he will continue to side step their onrush and use their inertia and their delusions against them and exposing their blunders and bluster for the whole world to see. We have today the spectacle of President elect Petro Poroshenko virtually declaring war on Eastern Ukraine. Putin has offered to negotiate even after all the provocation to no avail. Now he will allow the fascist forces to advance to their demise. Russia will intervene in Ukraine if the massacres persist. He will allow (and has been allowing) the self defence forces to battle the fascists while ever they have been capable of doing so. If the self defence forces are overcome by a force beyond their capacity, then he will step in. But not before. The reason is that to do so would be to take away the free will and freedom of action of the people of the Donbass. He would also take away their self respect if he was to do that. This is what he did for the Crimeans. He neutralized the Ukrainian military in Crimea and let the Crimeans deal with the rest. The Russians will be seen to perform an economic miracle in Crimea. They will help with money and expertise, of course, but it will largely be the doing of the Crimeans. They are a proud and highly motivated people now. They have been transformed and the greatest resource any country has is its people. A people with a broken spirit cannot be helped. But a people with pride and heart are unstoppable. The people of Crimea and Russia came together as equals – each proud of the other.”
Donbass Militia