I have been communicating with a Swedish colleague for some time concerning the growing malignancy of Muslim immigrants in Sweden who are destroying the entire culture of that countries pastoral existence. It is more visible there because Sweden is such an open tolerant country , has welcomed them for decades and are now seeing the evil these immigrants bring with them. It is exactly what we will see in America during our lifetime unfortunately. The Mideast Arab Spring which Obama had a direct hand in creating is and will spread until the entire world is in flames. It is just one of the tools in his leftist work-belt. Make no mistake on who is behind all of the world’s problems. It is not the the economy, the rich, the environment, the blacks, the poor, health-care cost or any number of modern concerns, these are only the tools they use. It is the same enemy free people have faced and fought for nearly one hundred years and they will use anyone or any cause to further their agenda. It is the same people who remove any religion from their form of government and who have openly and publicly aligned themselves with Satan. Might be worth rereading Salman Rushdies book Satanic Verses.
There is a lot of ancient history one should know, to understand the modern world and where it is headed. Here is one fellow you should know about. He is highly regarded among the Wahabi Al-Sauds of Saudi Arabia and one of the main inspirations of Obama Bin Laden. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ibn_Sa%27d_al-Baghdadi