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The drums of war are beating almost everywhere in the world and here at home. Many people hear them and are commenting, “Hey listen to those drums off in the distance, I wonder what they mean ?” And yet almost no one even cares much less understands that the drums beat for you dude. Consider what these two writers are saying and then think about how this trend will affect you in the future.          Charles Hugh Smith

and               Tim Kane

For many years I have been talking to every friend, family and associate who would listen. Most are polite and tolerate me, while thinking “Jeez, I can’t wait till he runs down and I can get back to my Iphone or TV.” Some who seem particularly resistant and adept at tuning me out, I confront with a question, “Whats got to happen before you wake up. Has this stuff got to bite you squarely in the ass before you say, ” uh oh sumting wong ?” It doesn’t endear me to them when I say next, “Look, if you can’t at least recognize that we MIGHT face a social meltdown in the future and do the minimum to plan and prepare, you shouldn’t expect anyone who has, to help you.”  I believe the time for video games named the Drums of War and other entertaining pursuits is over unless it lends directly to helping yourself, family or friends survive in the coming uncertain times. Learn marksmanship, raising food, archery, tracking, shelter building, navigation without a compass, emergency medicine or any number of skills the average person does not have. Your knowledge and skill will make the difference in surviving, not how many MREs or ARs you have. Most of all get out of your cocoon and meet others who have similar interest. Get off the damn sofa, this ain’t no game

Drums of War