“The big thing as of late that has really caught my attention has been an influx of groups of would be revolutionaries.  As noble as the sentiment is, the concept behind it is ridiculous.  When you have to try to drum up support by taping up a print up ad with pull tabs providing a facebook page on the doors of walmart what sort of revolutionaries do you perceive that you are going to draw to your cause?  The ones I, and others as well, envision will be drawn to this shallow attempt are a bunch of backwoods, good ol’ boys, that like to drink beer and shoot guns.  The bunch that only wants a revolution because of the face value that a black president ran this country to the ground.  The bunch that shows up to the group meeting in armored hoverounds.   And certainly the ones that have been laughed out of every serious group they may have ever contacted.  Honestly though, what these groups actually intend to accomplish is far from possible.  What sort of plan do you have?  What is your goal?  Impeaching the President?  If it hasn’t happened yet, your band of miscreants is not likely to make it happen before his term is over.  Even if it did happen, and you overthrew the government, what is your plan afterwards?  Mass anarchy?  That aside, if anyone considered your group that much of a threat, after NDAA has been re-approved, you would just go away.  Drop your hook in shallow water, and the best you will get is small fish.”

Keyboard Commandos
From Lucky Rogue