A Tale of Two Countries

America is fast becoming the new South Africa. The anti-apartheid laws are in force, the new “enemies of the state” have been identified, all that is left is for the “necklacing” to begin. Its soft taget probes are the Knock Out Game and Polar Bear Hunting. Once the gloves come off, the true barbarian racist will be visible to everyone, even to the “9 to 5, give me my iPhone and plasma TV”  middle-class. Years ago during FW DeKlerk’s presiding over the dismantling of the last British colony, much as pResident Zero is doing today, I proposed a way to restore and renew the vitality of America. Simple, trade all the American blacks who hate white Americans for all the white South Africans trying to live in an increasingly lawless country. Nearly everyone thought that was a radical and racist proposition. Our crime rate would have plummeted, prisons emptied, welfare roles dwindled to a trickle but that was not part of the plan our Socialist masters had in mind, even back then. You see, if you are going to destroy the most powerful country in the world by castrating and demoralizing the people who built it, why not go for the entire world ?

Mark Steyn does a great article HERE and you can view some great photos of South Africa today HERE. Don’t get alarmed. just foreshadowing of where we will soon be.

Moscow 1983