I have lost another old friend and really don’t have the words to express how I feel about this seemingly steady stream of people dying who have had such a big impact on my life. Steve Cummings wife, Rose, emailed me this morning with the sad news. She was waiting for him in Cyprus to be reunited. Steve was a brilliant man and a true patriot of America. If the facts of his life could be told, someone would want to make a movie about him. He was attempting to cross the Atlantic to deliver this boat in Cyprus. I had the honor of helping him some as he restored this Army Tboat a couple of years ago in Snead’s Ferry and enjoyed some fine meals

aboard her, prepared by his loving wife. They renamed her Silent Thunder because she ran silently under sail and thundered under diesel power. Rest in Peace brother Steve.
“I was shocked as how could such a thing happen to Steve. He was the one who could always get himself out of difficult situations.
We Skyped each other on Friday, he was happy that on Monday the weather looked good enough for him to leave.
He fueled up on Monday, 1.00pm Bermuda Time. He must have left shortly after, because he called me on his Sat/Phone around 4.30pm to say he was at sea and loving the conditions and he would call me in a day or two.
Around midnight on Tuesday Steve sent out a distress call to Bermuda Yachts apparently he was off the waters of Blackwatch Pass on North Shore.
I imagine he can’t have been too far from land. Nothing was found only some debris. That same morning Steve was found ashore at Shelly Bay Beach.
I was told that the boat will be hauled out of the water today. I don’t know what is going to happen there.
I can’t understand how the boat was taking on water. In all the time we had the boat in the water, never a drop ! I was told he could have hit some reefs at night, I guess we will know more when the boat is hauled out.”