Silent Rage

We know you hear what we are saying, the question is do you understand it ? “Just following orders” is not a defense, the Nuremberg trials proved that point. The path Obama is leading you down is dangerous. Dangerous for everyone. You will probably have to choose between following immoral orders which until recently were also illegal under the US Constitution and supporting the God-given rights all Americans have. Choose wisely brothers. Your and my time on this earth is merely a test of our souls. If you say, “but what can I, one person, do? I will just lose my job, maybe go to jail, lose my home, maybe my family ?” My answer is, have you never heard of the Army of One ? Ten thousand Armies of One can make all the difference. In combat history has shown, just one Army of One will turn the tide of battles and entire wars. Maybe you are the type who only cares about yourself and what brings you immediate gratification and there is not a higher power judging your every action . Fine, go on your merry way. You will pay for that either in this life or the hereafter. You should hope you only have to pay in this lifetime and your premise is true.
I was once like you. Most of my life I believed my enemies were who my government told me they were. Now my government is trying to paint patriotic Americans as enemies. The facts are all around us and if you choose to ignore them, well sorry, history will look back on you and your kind as it does the Nazi SchutzStaffel. Your boss is openly allied with people who glorify and historically supported Adolph Hitler. Think about what I am saying.
Choose wisely, time is running out on fence-sitting. You may think, support the status qua and things will work out.
When you wake up from your delusion, you will find yourself trying to live in something similar to Weimar Germany and
face your own, Night of the Long Knives. Its your choice, choose wisely.