Most of you are familiar with domestic house cats but how many know where there animals came from ?
In 2006 when I returned from Saudia Arabia, I attempted to bring a mated pair of African Wildcats I had caught and semi-tamed in the desert near Al-Hasa. I named them Amal and Kabeer, good local arabic names. The male, Kabeer did not like being quarantined at the Arabian Kennel Club, and broke out, returning to the wild and scaring the staff with his ferocious behavior. They were glad to see him go and I am glad for him too. Soon after arrival in America, Amal had three kittens. When they were old enough to care for themselves, Amal mysteriously disappeared from from the home I kept her at and it became apparent I wouldn’t be able to keep them on the boat I was living on at the time.
I donated them to a wild cat facility which trains wildcats for the show and movie industry and does educational out -reach with them on the advice of the Audubon Society.
What is unique about these cats is, they are the original species that all domestic cats were breed from. You can read about their origins here;
The kittens were donated to Great Cats of the World Park in Oregon and you can see them here;