This was sent by a friend, who recently crossed the Atlantic in his own sailboat and is now in Spain and becoming somewhat of a Flamenco artistic legend. Thanks Richard.
From my own experience, I first became aware of the Torus and Vector Equilibrium design as a budding young photographer studying the works of photographers like Ansel Adams and Andeas Feininger. In later travels of the world I began to see this pattern everywhere in all cultures and lands. It isn’t hard to see once you know how to see it. From the shape of every snowflake to the design of a sea urchin. Its in the outline of our solar system and woven into carpets from Bedouin tribes in the mountains of Afghanistan. I knew it had something to do with the Intelligent Design of the universe but didn’t know exactly what it meant. It is nothing less than the “God Particle” the scientific community says they cannot find. This video helps to explain many things, some which are uncomfortable to know. Watching this two hour video will be very enlightening if you wish to learn about what is happening to this world you inhabit. I promise it will lead you to a powerful path to move forward in this troubling world. I especially enjoyed the section on Morihei Ueshiba, the first Akido master and one of my personal heros.
If you would like to follow the adventures of a very talented guy who I had the honor of knowing when he traveled through North Carolina check out his travel log at;

There are great sailing photos and stories there, covering the journey when they left California in 2007 until after they arrived in Spain 2012.
If you would like to learn more about the Thrive Movement or contact them, they are at;