Lets see if the PD can figure this out.
What New England blue-voter state has a large muslim population? New Jersey. What is the favorite way to murder Christians for the muslims? Beheading. Besides burning churches in the mideast, what else do these muslims like to do to Christians? Behead them. Im sure this will end up being just another case of, “teenage vandalism by youths of unidentified ethnic origin.”
The forces of evil have begun their rampage, for now mostly in places where they have been welcomed with open arms as additions to community diversity and progressive agenda.
The political winds are shifting in an ugly direction Obama, so I guess we know where you stand. You told us awhile ago and we didn’t listen or care. You think we don’t notice you with your feet up on the White House furniture, an egregious insult in the Islamic world? You think we don’t understand you are sending a message to your Muslim Brotherhood buddies that you despise us?
In the end good always wins over evil. This war is just beginning.

MALAGA, N.J., – Members of St. Mary’s Malaga are in disbelief after vandals smashed the heads off of statues of Virgin Mary and Jesus.
In all, nine statues were damaged including three statues that are about five-feet-tall – Sacred Heart of Jesus, Virgin Mary, and Our Lady of Fatima.
“For a statue to be defamed in this way in this very holy ground and this very holy church it is crushing to me,” says long-time parishioner Cynthia Hetzler.
Franklin Township Police believe the vandalism happened between 2 and 4 a.m. on Thursday. The parish has a 24-hour prayer group so someone is almost always at the sanctuary, but so far no witnesses have come forward.
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